HI Ballooning, LLC
An Unforgettable
Your adventure begins as we assemble and inflate the magnificent
balloon. Once you are aboard, we will gently rise into the heavens
and soar freely over the countryside for an hour or so. Upon landing,
we will be met by the chase crew, pack up the balloon and return to
the launch field for a champagne celebration. Figure on spending
about three hours with us.

No two flights are ever the same and we fly to wherever the winds
take us. You should dress comfortably for the temperature of the
day. However, long pants and closed-toe shoes or boots are highly
recommended. Taller folks may want to bring along a baseball cap.
Don't forget to bring your camera.

Ballooning is VERY weather dependent. Gentle breezes are only a
part of the overall considerations. Your pilot has the final say in
determining whether or not we fly on a specific day and time. It is not
unusual to be rescheduled several times. Your safety is our number
one concern.

If you have any questions, please feel free to
contact us for further
information. We like to talk about ballooning almost as much as we
love to fly.
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